Parent Information

Parental involvement is an important factor in a child’s learning success, and it occurs at MCSN both formally and informally. We invite parents to participate in our community in a variety of ways. Our parent Education Program informs parents and interested community members about Montessori practice and theory. Observation appointments are encouraged. On a daily basis, teachers are accessible to parents who may have questions, or wish to discuss any particular aspect of their child’s development or adjustment to the school setting. We strive to maintain open communication between staff and families. This is achieved through our weekly flier, “Monday Messages”, as well as our comprehensive quarterly newsletter.

Parents may make arrangements with their child’s teacher to come to class to chaperone either Music or Spanish. They are welcome to be a “guest reader” to the class or share a hobby, or culture with the group.

Our optional snack program is another opportunity to share some of your child’s favorite foods with his/her classmates.

Our Parent Advisory Board is comprised of volunteer parents who will provide input into the school’s long term goals. We encourage participation in this group.